I was approached by Nigel Vichi, Senior Creative MD at Mint Design Associates, a design and marketing communications agency, to create a quartery news summary animation that would accompany 'Inside News', a coporate web portal for employees to submit news stories and feedback to be curated and circulated withing the company globally.
As the web portal was a newly developed project that was to be launched a few months down the line, I was aslo asked to create two shorter animations that would whet the appatite the viwers and stimulate their interest in the new service.
The design work and illustration style was developed by Mint's Interactive Designer, Will McLean. Working with his templates, I created supplimentary illustrations that complimented his artistic direction.
As well as the animation and motion graphics work, I sourced the music and designed the sound for the films.
Inside News - Intro
Inside News - What It Is
Inside News - What It Is (Festive Makeover)
Inside News - Quarterly Summary